Potatoes variety Adretta


Picking up a good variety of potatoes, you can grow a high-quality crop, which is enough not only for the autumn, but also for the whole winter. Potato Adretta is considered to be a unique species. The variety was bred by German breeders in the late 90s of the XX century. During its existence, he fell in love with gardeners, not only in Germany, but also abroad. In Russia, Adretta potatoes are among the five most popular varieties.

Description of the Adretta variety

Adretta potato belongs to mid-early varieties - 75 days pass from the appearance of sprouts to technical maturity. It is grown in open field in small areas and on an industrial scale. It grows compact, but tall bush, green grows quickly. Strong shoots, grow well. Herb leaves are small. Abundant flowering, white buds.

Abundant flowering, white buds

Root crops grow to 100-150 g on average. The form is oval, equal. The skin is thin, dirty yellow with a mesh, small eyes. Pulp of yellow uniform color. Tastes are estimated at 5 points out of 5 possible. This is a universal variety, for any type of processing.

Interesting! On the basis of the potato Adretta, many new varieties were bred that also have yellow flesh and are distinguished by excellent taste.

Characteristics of potato Adretta

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Features of the variety, its characteristic qualities are presented below.

  • Relatively quick ripening of the crop.
  • There is a strong immunity to potato cancer, stem nematode.

    Flesh yellow uniform color

  • May be affected by the Colorado potato beetle, late blight shoots.
  • It tolerates short-term low temperatures.
  • Poorly perceived drought.
  • 10-25 medium-sized potatoes ripen in one bush.
  • High yield - 40-80 kg / m² or 2 kg / bush. And from a hectare of planting can be collected up to 450 centners of the crop.
  • The roots of commercial quality, beautiful, suitable for long-term transportation.
  • Yellow color of tubers indicates the presence of carotenoids. This potato is saturated with proteins, vitamins.
  • The taste is very pleasant, rich. Potatoes after cooking crumbly, tender. The reason for this is the average starch content - 16%.
Interesting! Previously, potatoes with yellow flesh was considered fodder. But after the appearance of the variety Adretta, the opinion of breeders, gardeners and consumers has changed dramatically. Now it is very easy to find potatoes with yellow pulp on the shelves, and it is in the same demand as white tubers.

10-25 medium-sized potatoes ripen in one bush

Features of planting varieties

Adretta potatoes grow best on a sunny plot in loam, sandy or sod-podzolic soil. Land before planting is fertilized. You can use minerals, compost, humus, but not fresh manure! Before planting, germinated potatoes are treated with a solution of potassium permanganate or special disinfectants ("Alirin", "Fitosporin-M", copper sulphate, Bordeaux mixture).

Interesting! Tubers with long, whitish sprouts that sprouted in a warm store, will not give a big harvest, because they have already spent most of the nutrients.

Before planting, germinated potatoes need to be processed for disinfection.

Planting Adretta potatoes held no later than May, but better a little earlier. To navigate in this business need to weather conditions. If you plant potatoes before returning frost, it may not give a big harvest. Planting is carried out in wells about 7 cm deep, as in the case of other varieties. They are dug through the fluffy, loosened soil, at a distance of 35 cm from each other. Inter-row spacing - 60-65 cm. It is recommended to pour a handful of wood ash into each well or put a bit of crushed eggshell. After that, you can decompose the potatoes in the hole and sprinkle it with earth.

Adretta potato care

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As with other varieties, Adretta potatoes need to be properly maintained in order to get great yields.

  • For the plant to grow normally, it needs enough water. Water this culture every 3-7 days, depending on the season and climate. The hotter and drier the weather, the more water is brought under the plants, and in the period of frequent rains you can not water the potatoes at all.
  • Loosening the land is carried out regularly. This should be done every time it becomes noticeable that the soil began to be crusted, at least before the bushes grow. Flooded land - a pledge of a big crop of root crops!

    Loosening the land is carried out regularly

  • When growing this potato it is very important to deal with weeds in a timely manner. If there is no time for this, you can use herbicides ("Rainbow", "Buran Super", "Thunderstorm" and the like).
  • Feeding is carried out infrequently. During rooting, you can use superphosphate, wood ash. Later, potash fertilizers, litter solution, herbal infusions can be applied.
  • Hilling is done 2 times a year - when the shoots grow by 20 cm and again after 14 days.
Important! Last feeding is allowed no later than 25-30 days before harvesting new potatoes!

Diseases and pests of the variety

For some diseases of the potato (especially rot), this variety has a high resistance. But if at the site of the disease appear often, it is better to carry out preventive treatment. You can use the drugs "Acrobat", "Mikal", "Oxyhom", "Falcon" and the like.

Adretta potatoes are not protected from the Colorado potato beetle and may be subject to mass invasion of this pest.

Adretta potatoes are not protected from the Colorado potato beetle and may be subject to mass invasion of this pest, but experts note that the bushes do not suffer much from the pest. So you can not handle the plants from the Colorado potato beetle, and just collect it manually - this will be enough. From other pests can be used drugs "Mospilan", "Karate", "rescuer", "Inspector."

Storage and use of the crop

Maturation is observed by the end of August or by mid-September. After ripening Adretta potatoes must be collected on time and sent to storage in a cellar, basement or similar storage room. Harvesting is carried out in sunny or overcast weather, when there is no rain and the ground is not wet. 2 weeks before it is worth cutting the tops, leaving only small hemp to make it clear where to dig. Dug out potatoes laid out on the site to a little dry. After 1-3 days it can be collected and sorted. After that, the tubers are removed for storage.

Adretta is often mashed, as this variety is well boiled soft and is considered to be the standard of taste.

Interesting! The variety Adretta does not change the taste when frosting, for which it is appreciated by the cooks of the whole world.

Adretta potatoes are stored very well and for a long time, but it must be borne in mind that under the wrong conditions it grows quickly! Use is universal. When cooked, it is well boiled soft, so it is often used for making mashed potatoes. You can also fry, simmer, bake this potato - it has an excellent taste in any dishes. Recommended for cooking chips.

Reviews gardeners about the potato variety Adretta

Opinions about the potato variety Adretta are mostly positive, but some gardeners still note some negative points of cultivation.

  • Lyudmila Babicheva: “Adretta has been familiar with potatoes for more than 6 years. I plant on a large plantation every year. Undemanding plants in the care - watering, weeding, treatment from pests. As for supplements, I don’t make them during the development of the culture - I use long-acting fertilizers since the autumn like AVA. There is enough harvest both for sale and for food. It is stored well, does not rot, like other varieties, and the taste is excellent - I like it very much! "
  • Tamara Nikolenko: “Adretta is an early variety, so for the year I grow it twice and get a double crop. But even if I don’t have time to re-plant in the summer, the crop still grows more than needed - some are for sale. I like this variety crumbly, delicate flavor, but I want to warn that he often suffers from late blight if not to carry out prophylaxis. Otherwise, the variety is good. "
  • Bogdan Bronnikov: I plant potatoes Adretta every year. I like the size and taste. I buy potatoes for planting in stores, before planting I spend the obligatory treatment for diseases, pests. Care is not labor-intensive, I always harvest large crops. However, this potato can be sick, and, moreover, quite often. Preventive and therapeutic sprays are indispensable, and in this case folk remedies do not help! "