Sheep farming as a business


Animal business has long been considered a profitable business. But in order for him to bring a stable income, it is important to be able to organize it correctly. For a novice farmer, sheep breeding can be a great start. Breeding these creatures is quite simple, and the benefits are enormous. Sheep farming as a business for a novice farmer with his own advantages and disadvantages will be described below in the article.

Business Relevance

Sheep are not only useful animals, but also beneficial. Their maintenance does not take a lot of money compared to the benefits they can offer in return. Plus the fact that they have an excellent immune system. Call the vet rarely have, and it also saves money. The main thing is that they are properly looked after, and that they have a good stall and high-quality food. What are the positives in the sheep business?

  • Sheep farming as a business for a novice farmer will not bring many worries or difficulties, if properly approached.
  • Sheep grow and multiply rapidly.
  • The costs for the first year are not high.
  • There is always a demand for products.
  • These are unpretentious beasts.
  • The rapid growth of livestock.

What about the flaws? Like any business, sheep breeding also has its own nuances. The demand for sheep meat is less than beef, chicken or even duck. The same applies to milk, fatty fat, wool. The reason is the high cost. But recently the fashion for natural products - farmer - is growing, so you can get the benefit if you try hard.

As for the other difficulties that may arise, they are mainly associated with unforeseen diseases and similar problems. For example, if the livestock dies out of the epidemic, the breeder will have no benefit from this - just a loss, but it all depends for the most part on care and maintenance. The higher the quality of life of the sheep, the less disease and similar problems.

Important! If you decide to engage in sheep business, you need to start with the organizational part: choosing a direction, a place to do it, buying sheep, hiring staff, and so on. This is where the paperwork goes - registration of the company. Each country has its own rules and laws on registration, but without such papers it will be impossible to conduct such a business or sell goods from it.

Sheep grazing on pasture

Choice of direction

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Sheep can be bred for milk, meat, fatty fat, wool. All these products are valued in the global market and cost much, but how to decide? The choice should be based on the possibilities. If the city has a factory for the processing of fat, meat or wool, then it is worth looking at. Such production is the easiest and most convenient way to market products.

A big role is also played by the preferences of the breeder. If he plans to open a business selling woolen things in the future, then it’s simply pointless to get sheep for meat, it needs woolen animals. But it is worth noting that demand for wool has decreased over the past few decades due to the abundance of alternative materials and its high cost.

Important! In spite of the value of sheepskin, milk or fatty fat, recently the meat of this animal has the greatest demand.

Milk and fat, as a rule, goes as a "bonus" in business. Only for the sake of these products are sheep kept in the rarest of cases. Typically, breeders acquire breeds that have high characteristics of 2-3 points, then you can not sell one, but several products on the market and get, respectively, greater profits.

Preparatory work

After the farmer has received permission to do business, he can start looking for a place for keeping sheep. As a rule, a pasture is purchased and a small area on which to build a stall and a couple of additional buildings for personnel or work with sheep. If buildings near pasture already exist, this will save a lot of money, but this is ideally. It is senseless to acquire a pasture far from the place where the sheep live, since an animal and a shepherd still need to walk to the grass meadows - all this must be taken into account.

Sheep farming as a business for a novice farmer without a huge territory is available - impossible. Land allotment can either be bought or rented. The second option is recommended to anyone who is not sure about the business profile and does not know whether it will be conducted in 1-2 years. Rent is cheaper, but at any time a person may be asked to vacate the plot. So there are no guarantees here either. The purchase of land is based on the fact that one sheep needs about a hectare of land for grazing.

When there is a place for keeping sheep, you can look for personnel who will work there. For such a business will require a lot or few people - it all depends on the scale. If the herd is small (up to 30 sheep), then one assistant will suffice, if a large one (50-200 heads) will have to be hired:

  • a shepherd;
  • milkmaid;
  • a haircut specialist (or slaughter of animals depending on the direction of the business);
  • a person who will monitor the cleanliness and feeding of animals.

From time to time you will also have to call a veterinarian to treat diseases of the sheep. It is not necessary to hire a milkmaid, a specialist in sheep shearing or slaughter of animals for a permanent place, as they are not required every day in a small enterprise. One specialist usually deals with no more than 50 animals, from this calculation more or less people of this or that profile are hired.


Purchase of sheep and the best breed for breeding

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Sheep farming as a business for a novice farmer will be profitable only if the breed is selected correctly. Depending on the direction of the business is to acquire one or another form. There are breeds with high rates and low, of course, it is better to acquire those species that have the highest rates of productivity in the direction the breeder aimed at. But, alas, not all breeds can be easily purchased, and prices for some of them will be very high.

It is important! It is worth taking purebreds, as they have established productive qualities. But hybrids may have completely different characteristics.

There are many breeds of sheep for home breeding today. Which ones are the most common and beneficial for breeding?

  • The best meat breeds are: Gorky, Vandeyskaya, Gissarskaya, Romney-Marsh, Romanovskaya, Kuibyshevskaya, Tian-Shanskaya.
  • To get fatty fat is to acquire such breeds as: Saradzhinskaya, Edilbayevskaya, Kalmyk, Gissarkaya.
  • A profitable business on sheep wool can be built at the breeding of Mikhnovskakh, Kuchugurov sheep or such a species as the South Korean Merino.
  • A lot of milk comes from Tsigai, East Frisian, Assaaf sheep and Awassi.

In addition, sheep are also classified by type of rune into:

  • fine-fleeced (Grozny, Kazakh, Askanian, Georgian, Vyatskaya);
  • half-fine (Gorky, Lithuanian, Lincoln);
  • polugrubosherstnye (Romance, Gissar, Karakul).

Sales of products in sheep

To simplify the sale of goods, its sales lines should be established from the moment of purchase of sheep. Sheep farming as a business for a novice farmer requires the enterprise of a person, opportunities, connections, but mainly desire. If there is a desire, find where the goods can be. In this case, it is necessary not only to establish a sales line, but to draw up the corresponding agreements. Contracts reinforce commitments.

Important! When selling products it is very important to calculate the price correctly. It should not be overpriced, otherwise no one will buy it, but it is not worth it to cheap, otherwise the content will not pay for itself.

It is better to sell meat with large suppliers, since it is difficult to find many buyers for such expensive meat on the market. The same goes for milk. As for wool, it is possible to sell it either in its pure form to factories or small enterprises, or to process it on its own and produce various products from sheepskin. Such things can be sold at a higher cost than pure sheepskin. But this will require additional hands and funds.

A big role is also played by the form of sales. Sheep for meat can be sold in the form of live products or already prepared, cut meat. The latter is more profitable, but requires, again, the initial investment in additional staff for slaughtering sheep, cutting carcasses.

It is also possible to sell goods to dealers, but this is not very profitable from a financial point of view. Income will be greatly underestimated. So this option is doubtful and is suitable only for a small enterprise.

Sheep wool blanket

Is sheep farming profitable?

Sheep farming as a business for a novice farmer can be a very profitable occupation, but only if it is gradually developed. Throwing into the pool with his head can only spoil everything. In this case, we are talking about what product to sell.

It is most advantageous to sell several products at once. If you establish such a production, you can profit from wool, meat, milk, and even fat, fat (if you choose the right breed). But the more branches the company has, the more money it requires.

But for a novice farmer it is worthwhile to determine only one direction (meat, wool, fat or milk). Only after the business pays for itself, it is possible to establish sales channels for additional products, hire new personnel, build buildings for processing wool, cutting meat and other things. Sheep breeding rarely makes a big profit in the first year. As a rule, in the first 12 months, only the funds invested in the business pay off, and only from the second year can we expect an increase in earnings.