How many years live horses


It is important for any breeder to know how many years his favorite animal can live. Horses - one of the most common domestic animals. They start up as pets, for work, equestrian sports and for a number of other reasons. How many years the horses live at home and in nature will be described in detail below in the article.

How many years does a wild horse live?

Before determining how many years the horses live, it should be noted that no one can give an exact figure, there is only statistical data. Pet life depends on many factors. Some live more, others less, there are champions in life expectancy. If we take into account only statistics, the horse lives on average 35-40 years, but there is a more fractional division, but domestic, wild stallions, as well as by horse type and method of its use.

Wild and domestic horses have a different life span. Here the determining role is played by heredity, health and the conditions in which they live. So how many years have wild horses lived? The opinion that wild mares are long-livers is unfortunately wrong. They can eat poorly, especially in winter, there is no roof over their heads, and therefore they often get sick. Also, the wild way of life causes them to be in motion all the time, and for adults it is very difficult, and, finally, the predators reduce the average.

Photo of wild horses

If we take into account all these factors, we can immediately understand why the life span of a wild horse ranges from 15 to 25 years. In the southern regions, individuals easily live to 25 years, since there are no severe frosts, and life is easier, but in the northern ones, the average duration is not more than 15 years.

How much does a domestic horse live?

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With wild representatives of these beautiful animals, everything is clear, but how many horses live at home? Those who are provided with a roof over their heads, examinations of veterinarians, food, water, moderate athletic loads and many other benefits of civilization.

Tame domestic horses beat record longevity. Pleasant living conditions, the absence or reduction of stressful situations that occur daily in a wild environment, have a positive effect on their well-being and longevity.

Depending on the breed and activity of the animal, it can live longer or less.

  • The purebred thoroughbred racers live longer than any other species. They can live more than 30 years. In part, this is a consequence of the special care that the host shows to such an animal. Arabian horses often live more than 40 years.
  • Simple domestic horses with average physical loads can live for 20-25 years. But only under the condition of sufficient care, care, proper feeding, timely treatment.
  • Ponies and sledding breeds have a calm, measured lifestyle, and therefore often live to 30-38 years.
  • Sporting horses can live for 10 or 30 years - it is impossible to say for sure how many years horses of a sporting type live. The fact is that everything depends on training, sport, and also care. Some breeders are very "addicted" to workouts, with the result that the horse simply dies from physical exhaustion or starts to get sick with something serious, and this is not uncommon, but real facts. Of course, such a life on the run does not contribute to the health of the pet, so sports animals usually do not live very long.

Photo of a home horse

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What affects life expectancy?

How many years a horse has been living is influenced by many factors. Some people can not control. These include the breed, hereditary incurable diseases. But there are those that are in the power of man.

  • Conditions of horses. Clean, dry - the main factors determining the comfort for the horse. If it is damp in a stable, diseases will not take long to wait.
  • Exercise should be moderate. To sweep the animal can not. One day of excess training can literally knock the horse off forever, it just never gets up again. Since some diseases of the feet they are not treated. But moderate training is necessary, otherwise the animal will atrophy the muscles.
  • A balanced, high-quality diet prolongs the life of the animal, but the lack of vitamins or moldy food can, on the contrary, take away valuable years from the pet.
  • It is also important to treat equine diseases in time. At the first sign of a visit to a veterinarian, to conduct regular examinations, vaccinations and other important procedures.

How to determine the age of the horse?

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The ability to determine the age of a horse can do a good job for people who are going to buy an adult animal. However, this is not a simple matter, it can be very difficult to determine the age, especially for a person without experience. So, what to look for when determining the age of a mare or stallion?

  1. A beautiful body, an abundance of prominent muscles, tight skin, shiny hair, lack of folds says that horses are not more than 12 years old.
  2. A young animal will never behave sluggishly if it is healthy. Horses are active animals, they need movement, therefore an active, cheerful disposition suggests that a pet is not more than 15 years old.
  3. For more than 10 years, a racehorse with long and coarse hair on the nose or around the lips.
  4. Joint seals speaks of either a great age or an injury to an animal. But in the second case, he will have pain while walking - this is easy to check.
  5. Hanging lips and ears that are at odds with talking about old age. As in horses, the muscles of the mouth and ears weaken with age.

But the most accurate method for determining the age of a horse is in the teeth. These animals feed mainly on coarse food, so over time, their teeth deteriorate and wear out. It is possible to determine the exact age, but it is rather difficult without practice. If you need to know for sure, you should invite the vet.

Record cases of longevity

About how many years the horses lived was discussed above in the article. But it is also worth mentioning that there have been cases when horses have lived a record long time.

  1. Stallion Old Billy lived 62 years! This unique beast was born in 1760, and died in 1822. At the same time the animal was a worker, had quite impressive power loads. Perhaps with a better life, the record holder would have lived another 5-10 years more.
  2. The most famous long-lived pony is the stallion from Central France. He lived 52 years, and was born in 1919.
  3. The Duke of Tango is an Austrian thoroughbred horse that has lived for 42 years. The figure does not look impressive, but it was a sports horse, and it regularly participated in races.

It is worth considering that this is not all cases of longevity of horses. Previously, such an account was not kept and was not particularly interested in this, so higher and surprising cases are possible, it is just not known about them.