The best varieties of basil with a description


There are many varieties of basil. They differ in plant height, color, flavor, care and other indicators. The best varieties of basil are grown on an industrial scale throughout the world, they are profitable for sale and have excellent commercial quality. They are also popular for growing in the garden or even in indoor conditions.

Classification of basil by plant height

Depending on the height of the plant, this culture is short, medium and tall. At the same time in each case the basil varieties may have their own characteristics.

  • Low-growing varieties are recommended for growing indoors in pots. With them there are practically no problems, they grow quickly, by themselves, you only need to water and harvest in time. The maximum growth of such varieties is 30 cm.

    Green basil, he is sweet basil

  • Srednerosly grades are recommended for cultivation on private farms and on an industrial scale. This is a universal variety, convenient and not problematic in cultivation. The growth of such plants is from 31 to 60 cm.
  • Tall varieties are quite difficult to grow. Even the treatment of pests will be time consuming, because the higher the plant, the harder it is to care for it. Grows from 61 cm and up.

Classification of basil varieties by leaf color

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Depending on the color of leaves, basil varieties are divided into green and purple.

  • Green basil, he is a sweet basil, as it was called in ancient times. Received widespread from Mediterranean countries. Used in the preparation of a variety of dishes. It has a delicate aroma and taste. At the same time, the saturation of green can be different, there are varieties with dark green leaves and with light green. These include "Genoese", "Eugenolny", "Sandwich", "Shirokolisty", "Lemon Flavor", "Aroma of Cinnamon", "Lemon", "Velvet", etc.

    Purple basil has a sharp taste and aroma

  • Purple basil has a sharp taste and aroma, so you need to use it very carefully in cooking. The leaves and the plant itself have a purple color saturated or light. It contains about 1.5-2 times more essential oils than in the green variety. Spread around the world from South Asia, now also popular in Europe and America. The purple varieties of basil include: "Yerevan", "Vitaminchik violet", "Basil ordinary", "Dark Opal", "Anisovy",

Best Clove and Pepper-Pepper Varieties

Clove and clove-pepper varieties of basil are widespread. They can be ranked as classic, as they grow almost everywhere, easy to maintain.

  • "Clove" - The basil growing in a compact, dense bush up to 60 cm in height, has bright green leaves. It can be grown throughout the year on the windowsill of the house or seasonally in flowerbeds. It has a pleasant smell of cloves.
  • "Carnation scent" - has a very pronounced aroma of cloves, so it is often put in marinades instead of cloves. The variety is medium early, grows up to 25 cm tall, the leaves are green. The use is universal. Can be grown outside or in pots, at home.

    Best Clove and Pepper-Pepper Varieties

  • "Basil eugenol" grows only in southern countries (South Africa). The leaves are large, green. The smell of this type of basil is clove-pepper, but there are notes of lemon and mint. It can be bitter, used for meat and first courses, preservation, pickles. Plant grows up to 1 meter.
  • "Basil ordinary" has a strong clove aroma. It grows up to 60 cm, it is not whimsical in care, the leaves are dark purple. Can be grown on a windowsill. You can use it in fresh and dry form for salads, seasonings for the first, second courses, preservation, marinades.
  • "Dark Opal" or "Red", as it is called in the people. It has a very rich, pronounced nail-pepper aroma, for which it is valued all over the world. The leaves are red-purple. Fresh leaves can be put in salads, and dry leaves can be used to flavor oils, vinegar, marinades.
  • "Holy Basil" or Tulasi has a harsh aroma of clove and pepper. The taste can also be sharp, there is bitterness. The plant color is purple. This variety is very popular in India, it is put there in almost all spicy dishes, it is also considered sacred, therefore it is often used for ceremonies and ceremonies.

Also in this category you need to rank the varieties: "Greek", "Sandwich leaf", "Dark night", "Stella", "Dreams of the Sultan", "Darkie". Perfection, Marquis, Basilisk.

Pepper Basil Varieties

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Pepper basil varieties have a weak or bright pepper aroma. They are used primarily as a condiment for any dishes except sweets or drinks.

Pepper Basil Varieties

  • "Basil broadleaf" different large, green leaves and high yield. With one bush can collect up to 250 g of greenery. Aroma of allspice. It is used in cooking (salads, marinades) and cosmetology, as it has a lot of essential oils.
  • "Yerevan" - ranks second in prevalence. It has a high yield. Taste is tart, aroma fragrant, pepper. The use is universal. The leaves are dark purple, beautiful, can be grown as an ornamental plant.
  • "Ruby Cairo" different black and purple color of the leaves, can be a great decor for any flower beds and gardens. It grows up to 30 cm, it is grown mainly in indoor pots on the windowsill. The aroma is pronounced, the taste is burning. You can dry and freeze - during processing, the aroma and taste are not lost.

Also here it is worth counting: "Aramis", "Campatto", "Rubin", "Rosie", etc.

Best Anise Basil Varieties

Anise varieties of basil can be called unusual. Combinations of this smell and taste are appreciated by gourmets and culinary specialists from all over the world, so these varieties can often be found on market stalls.

Best Anise Basil Varieties

  • "Italian Basil" or "Genoese" has a strong aniseed flavor that enhances the taste of any dish. It is this type that is always used in the preparation of the well-known pesto sauce, as well as many others, which were invented in Italy. It is used in cooking in any form for drinks, first, second courses, snacks. Can be grown on a windowsill. It grows low, has beautiful green leaves.
  • "Basil anise" - fragrant variety, growing up to 40 cm. Leaflets, stems and inflorescences are purple, with a silver sheen. It can be grown in the garden or in the apartment, in pots on the windowsill or on the balcony.

This category also includes "Gourmet Anise", "Anise Delight", etc.

What are the varieties of lemon and menthol?

Lemon basil varieties are most often used to make interesting drinks.

Lemon and menthol varieties

  • "Lemon Flavor" has a bright, rich lemon flavor. It grows a bush of medium density. From each plant, up to 250 g of leaves of light green color is collected per season. Use this variety to give lemon flavor to dishes, as a decoration for desserts, salads.
  • "Citric" Basil has camphor flavor, but its taste is purely lemon, so it is often put in salads, desserts, main dishes to give them a pleasant sourness. It grows up to 35 cm, can be grown on the windowsill, the leaves are elongated, small, in comparison with other types, green.
  • "Velvet" It has a pleasant menthol flavor and taste. It grows up to 30 cm. It is used in marinades, for flavoring or enhancing the flavors of beverages, seasonings, sauces, and oils in fresh and dried form. The leaves are elongated, green, flowers pale pink.

What varieties can be used for baking and desserts?

Baking, desserts and drinks - the main area of ​​consumption of varieties of basil with caramel, cinnamon and vanilla flavor.

Varieties for baking and desserts

  • "Caramel" - an early look with a delicate fruit and caramel smell. It is used simply as a seasoning to add a fruit and caramel flavor to the dish. It grows not high bush, grown mainly in apartments.
  • "Vanilla Flavor" - tall variety with juicy, purple leaves after full ripening. Vanilla flavor and aroma. It can be grown indoors, in greenhouses or open ground. It is usually used as an additive in confectionery.
  • "Cinnamon Flavor" grows up to 40 cm, the leaves are green. Up to 400 g leaves are collected from the plant. The aroma and taste of cinnamon. Used for baking, desserts, marinades.

Also for baking, you can use the varieties of basil "Cinnamon", "Pet", "Malachite".

What varieties are suitable for marinades?

Basil varieties for marinades have a rich fragrant aroma, do not lose their taste and smell for a long time, can be subjected to heat treatment.

Basil varieties for marinades

  • "Tempter" - a variety of basil, bred specifically for marinades. Its leaves are green, large. The aroma is sharp, so that small doses should be measured in the marinade, but the smell does not disappear during the marinating. Can be used fresh or dried.
  • "Osmin" It is recommended for marinades, due to its rich, rich flavor and unobtrusive taste. Grows as a cultural or ornamental plant. Its homeland is India, but not so long ago this variety won the love of Americans and Europeans. This is a very thermophilic plant, so it is grown either in southern countries or in pots on a windowsill on the sunny side.

The varieties "Clove flavor", "Ruby of Cairo", "Italian", "Eugenol", "Broadleaf" described above can also be added here.

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