What is bee perga and its beneficial properties


Bee pollen is a natural antibiotic, several times superior in its positive properties and composition of pollen and honey. She is made by working bees from simple pollen, and then the beekeeper collects from time to time. The benefits of perga were known in ancient times, it was used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes for centuries, if not millennia. The article will discuss what perga is, what are its medicinal properties, contraindications and methods of use.

What is perga bee?

The bee perga is a substance of bee processing, a natural natural antibiotic. The process of obtaining bee pollen is long. When non-flying bees deliver pollen to the hive, they polish it in their goiter with saliva, fold it into a cell by 2/3, and then pour it with fresh honey and seal it with wax. Under the action of lactic acid in honeycombs, it is preserved and dehydrated.

To fill at least one cell of the honeycomb and seal it, the bees have to take several approaches to it. There the processed pollen of different plants is brought. Therefore, the final product is quite interesting. These are hexagonal, compacted bars, which seem to be made in layers of different colors (like a cake with multi-colored cake layers). Different colors indicate that pollen was collected from different plants, and not from one. If the bees took pollen from only one crop, the bar would be monotonous.

Bee perga is a substance of bee processing, natural natural antibiotic

The structure of the bee pollen is hard, but the bar is easily broken. The taste is sweet-sour, can be bitter, a bit like a multivitamin. The fermented substance is just sweet with honey aroma. Perga is considered much more useful than pollen and honey, although you cannot spread it on bread like the last one, but in terms of its medicinal properties it has no equal among all other products obtained from bees, due to the high concentration of biologically active components.

Why do bees need perga?

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Bees are very "practical" insects, all their actions are planned, accurate and aimed only at improving the quality of life of their family. Each insect in the evidence has its own work, the "field of activity" in which they work daily. These amazing insects do nothing for nothing. All products that they "create" in the hive (honey, zabrus, propolis, royal jelly, pollen, bee venom) have their own specific purpose. The same applies to bee perga.

Perga is the main food of bees and the main source of proteins. It is often called “bread of the bees” because of this. It is intended primarily for feeding bee offspring - the larvae. She is almost sterile, there are no harmful bacteria in her that can lead to the development of diseases among the "adult" population in the hive or the defeat of children.

Perga - the main food of bees and the main source of proteins

For bees, perga is extremely important in contrast to the same honey, so the price for it is high. Although the processed product in the production is sold in the public domain for not very high fees. But, of course, its usefulness is doubtful. In order to get the maximum effect from the prigue, it is worth buying directly in the apiary in its purest form.

What is the biochemical composition of perga?

Perga bee - a unique substance that is 95-100% absorbed by the human body. What does it consist of?

  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, E, K, P.
  • 12 essential, conditionally irreplaceable, and also 8 irreplaceable amino acids.
  • More than 50 enzymes.
  • Mineral salts (iron, copper, silicon, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, boron, manganese, selenium, zinc, etc.).
  • 10 rare carbohydrate compounds.
  • Organic acids.
  • Hormones.

    Perga bee 95-100% absorbed by the human body

Useful properties of bee perga

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Perga is recommended for medicinal purposes and in traditional medicine, and in traditional. Doctors in hospitals often prescribe it, and in pharmacies it is almost always available. So, what are the beneficial properties of bee pollen?

  • For blood. It improves blood composition, treats anemia (increases the level of hemoglobin, red blood cells, reticulocytes, balances the number of leukocytes).
  • For heart. It is prescribed for almost any disease of the cardiovascular system (ischemia, hypertension, hypertension, hypotension, atherosclerosis), if there are no contraindications. Normalizes the heart rhythm, prevents muscle dystrophy, activates lipid metabolism, reduces the level of dangerous cholesterol, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves their elasticity, improves blood circulation.
  • For the digestive tract, liver, pancreas. It is recommended for ulcers, gastritis, dysbiosis, colitis, enteritis, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, loss of appetite, liver cirrhosis. Naturally, bee pollen normalizes the function of the intestines and stomach, increases the absorption of nutrients by the body from food.

    Perga is recommended for medicinal purposes.

  • For the nerves. She copes with physical exhaustion, weakness, depression, neurosis, loss of strength, chronic sleep deprivation, fatigue, mental stress. It is recommended during the recovery period after illness, operations.
  • For the respiratory system. Perga is indispensable in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system (bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, flu, tonsillitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, etc.).
  • To enhance immunity in the winter and early spring, when there is a lack of vitamins. It can also pee with ARVI and ORZ.

But not only organs and systems can be cured perga bee. It is accepted in a number of other cases.

  • Increases the tone of the body, it is recommended for all athletes, as a natural anabolic.
  • Rejuvenates the body, skin, nails, hair. The action is complex if it is eaten, or purposeful, if you make poppies and lotions.

Interesting! Perga is not only a healing agent, but also a cosmetologist. It is very often used for the manufacture of professional cosmetics, all kinds of cosmetic preparations, as well as homemade masks, lotions, scrubs, and so on.

  • It improves memory, increases clarity of thought, concentration, degree of perception of information.
  • When pregnancy is prescribed for the normal development of the fetus, reducing the risk of developing toxicosis, delayed labor, miscarriage.
  • For men, it is recommended as a means of increasing potency, with prostate adenoma.
  • Women should take it for hormonal disorders, infertility.

How to take bee perga?

The benefits of bee pollen are colossal, but how should it be taken? It is usually eaten pure. A certain amount is simply put in the mouth in the morning and in the evening and is absorbed under the tongue, like candy 30 minutes before a meal. This method of use is the most effective and efficient.

It can also be mixed with honey, and eat with teaspoons in the right dosage, which the doctor prescribes. Sometimes it is dissolved in water and the resulting substance is drunk. It is not recommended to add perga to dishes or mix with other products (except honey and water) for ingestion.

Perga can enhance the effect of certain drugs.

In home cosmetology, perga is used to make masks and lotions. It is simply applied to the right place in the composition of any components and washed off over time.

Important! Perga can enhance the effect of certain drugs, if used with drugs or other folk remedies. Therefore, the reception is either discussed with your doctor, or simply take it separately.

There are a number of recommendations for the use of bee perga, which allows you to make its reception more effective.

  • After 6-7 pm you should not eat it. Due to its tonic properties, it can lead to insomnia.
  • Preventive dose - 5-10 g / day for an adult. Children less than one year old are given no more than 0.5 g / day, children under 6 years old - 1.5 g / day. If you wish, use it in larger quantities or for the treatment of a particular disease, it is worth discussing the dosage with your doctor.
  • The course of treatment and prevention of perga bee usually lasts a month, then there is a 1-2 month break and the course is repeated. If there is a desire to simply improve the immune system, 3 months of taking prigi per year will be quite enough.
  • It is possible to give regu to children only after consulting a pediatrician!

Are there any contraindications for use?

Perga is one of the least dangerous and extremely useful products.

Perga is one of the least dangerous and extremely useful products. And yet there are a number of contraindications and cautions to its use.

  1. It almost does not cause allergies. Nevertheless, a number of cases of individual intolerance have been recorded in people who cannot stand simple pollen. But these are single cases.
  2. Bee perga strictly according to the courses!
  3. It is impossible to eat perga in the last stages of the disease with malignant tumors.
  4. When bleeding in the stomach or intestines, it is dangerous!
  5. In severe diabetes mellitus, sweets can aggravate the situation.
  6. Excess prophylactic and therapeutic dosage (which was prescribed by the doctor) is not recommended. The abundance of a substance in the body can cause hives.
  7. The first intake of pollen should be limited to only a few granules (0.5-1 g) in order to simply understand the body's reaction to it. Any negative reactions (itching, swelling, rash), will speak about intolerance by the body of this product.

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