Drip irrigation Beetle


Drip irrigation is a convenient alternative to regular garden irrigation with a hose or a watering can. The system itself will supply the right amount of water, bringing it exactly under the plants - in the root zone. Drop irrigation the Beetle is made by the Russian company "Cycle". It is of high quality and can be used in greenhouses or in open ground.

What is convenient drip irrigation

Without water, plants can not grow. When growing crops in the garden, in the garden or in the garden, it takes a lot of time and effort to water. At the same time, simple irrigation or irrigation is not always correct - water can be brought in too much or not enough. Drip irrigation is considered the best for plants.

  • When using drip irrigation water is delivered directly to the roots.
  • You can add dressing to the water so that watering is doubly beneficial for plants.
  • The earth does not crust, does not crack and is not washed out.
  • Water consumption is saved.

System of drop watering Beetle from capacity

Interesting! Greenhouse plants should be watered at the root - it will save them from the development of rot.

But in order for the drip irrigation system to really benefit and be convenient in operation, it is necessary to choose it correctly. Pay attention to the following points.

  1. The source of water intake - a barrel, water supply (well, well);
  2. Where plants grow (open ground, greenhouse, greenhouse);
  3. Type of planting (homogeneous or scattered);
  4. The availability of electricity to connect.

If the system meets all the requirements of the gardener, it will not cause problems during operation.

Drip Beetle Watering System

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Drip irrigation The beetle received such a name due to the fact that the location of the droppers in it resembles the divergence of the legs of the beetle — many small pipes diverge from the main pipes, which are arranged in pairs against each other. It has a sinusoidal dropper structure, which prevents their pollution. The system is very simple, we can say elementary, both in work and in installation. It is appreciated as well, and for low cost.

Interesting! Each set of the Beetle system has a filter. And if you purchased a kit with a selection of water from the barrel, then it also includes a tube-level, which allows you to control the amount of remaining water.

Varieties of the Beetle System

On sale there are several varieties of drip irrigation Beetle.

  • The drip irrigation system from a tank for 30 plants contains a trunk hose 9 meters long, fittings, compensated droppers - 30 pcs., 1 fine filter, awl, transparent pipe level and suspension for it, as well as some other details. Working pressure - 0.1-0.2 bar. Water consumption - 4 l / h. Irrigation area - 6 m². Cost - 1448 rubles.
  • The set from the capacity of 60 plants has a main hose, 18 meters long, fittings, compensated droppers - 60 pcs., 1 fine filter, awl, transparent pipe-level, suspension, etc. The working pressure is 0.1-0.2 bar . Water consumption - 4 l / h. Irrigation area - 18 m². Cost - 2099 rubles.

    System of drop watering Beetle from a water supply system

  • The drip irrigation system from a water supply system to 30 plants includes a main hose, 9 meters long. There are also 30 micropipes, fittings, compensated droppers - 31 pcs., Arrows with a clamp - 30 pcs., 1 fine filter, awl and other parts. Irrigation area - 6 m². Cost - 1611 rubles.
  • A set of plumbing for 60 plants contains a main hose 18 meters long, micropipes - 60 pieces, fittings, compensated droppers - 61 pcs., Arrows with a clamp - 60 pcs., 1 fine filter, awl and some other details that are necessarily indicated packaging. Irrigation area - 18 m². The cost is 2262 rubles.

In addition, work timers are also available, but they are purchased separately. You can also buy a special expansion kit, designed for another 20 plants.

Advantages of drip irrigation Beetle

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Drip irrigation Beetle is in great demand among gardeners. What are its advantages?

  • There is a filter that automatically cleans the water and protects the hoses and droppers from contamination.
  • The hoses are black, so the water does not bloom in them.
  • Included is an awl with a limiter - piercing the hose through will not work.
  • Droppers do not clog, because they are made in the form of a sinusoid.
  • The sets have a fitting that allows you to connect the system to any container.
  • In a set from capacity on 60 plants or 30, there is a tube-level, allowing to determine the amount of water in the barrel.
  • Cranes and plugs allow you to put the system in greenhouses on several beds and carry out watering only specific areas.
  • The tees in the kit prevent the hooks from breaking.
Interesting! When using the drip system, the water flows to the plants dosed, thereby saving fluid, and the land under crops is not compacted.

Expansion kit drip irrigation Beetle

  • If necessary, the system for 30-60 plants can be increased.
  • You can adjust the frequency and intensity of irrigation.
  • Relatively low cost.

System flaws

Disadvantages of this system may be, and you need to know about them before making a purchase.

  • Many gardeners complain that the main hose is of poor quality and soon begins to flow.
  • The timer quickly breaks, but it can be replaced.
  • Assembly of some parts requires considerable physical effort.
  • Cranes in the kit quickly fail. Some gardeners to replace them, acquire separately more durable, iron taps.
Interesting! The source of water delivery that will be used is indicated on the packaging system, so it is very difficult to confuse.

Instructions and recommendations for the use of the Beetle

The system is usually mounted on its own. There is nothing complicated here, because detailed instructions are always attached to the kit.

  1. First of all, you need to unpack all the parts, get the trunk hose and spread it over the area so that it straightened and not twisted.
  2. Now you can begin to build the system. First, one thin hose is taken, inserted into the dropper, and on the other side a small tee is put.
  3. To the tee that was used in the previous paragraph, is attached to another tube with a dropper. Thus, we have a water supply unit for 2 plants - the “legs” of the Beetle. In the same way going to the right amount of "legs" to have enough for all plants.
  4. An awl makes holes in the trunk hose. Then insert the pairs of legs into it with the free end of the tee.

Electronic Timer for Beetle Watering

Important! Some parts can be connected with great difficulty. To facilitate the process, you can soak them in boiling water or just let them rest in the sun (warm up).
  1. Each dropper is inserted into the ground at the root of the plant.
  2. The resulting system must be connected to a barrel of water or water supply. If the connection goes to the barrel, then a hole with a diameter of 22 mm is made in its lower part (5-7 cm from the bottom).
  3. The connecting element that is in the kit is inserted from the inside into the container so that the gasket remains inside the barrel. Tighten this element tightly and then connect the hose fitting.
  4. The nozzle is attached to the segment of the main hose.
  5. To fix the tube-level, you need to insert into the hose a large tee. Then a transparent level tube is inserted into a special holder, and then it is attached to the tee.
  6. Now joins the next branch of the main hose, the crane and again a piece of the main hose.
  7. The cleaning filter is attached with unions. It should stand in a certain way - there is a mark on it, as it should be put relative to the water supply.
  8. The hose system from the area is connected to the tank system, and the end of the system is closed with a stopper.

If there is a timer, then you can adjust the frequency of watering. If it is not, you can try out the Beetle system, checking how well it will work.

Recommendations for use

Drip irrigation Beetle will serve for many years, if used correctly.

Watering Beetle Filter

  • In the fall, the drip irrigation system is removed from the site. Water is drained and fully equipped, all parts are brought into heat (it is possible in the basement, in the attic or in the house).
  • Keep the Beetle system is better at temperatures from +3 degrees.
  • In order not to overhaul the system every year, it is recommended to plant the plants annually according to the same scheme.
  • If the water stops flowing, you need to check the health of the system, for example, the filter may just clog.
  • If water does not flow under a particular plant, then the reason is clogged drip. It is necessary to remove and clean it. The tee may also become dirty, in which case it is also important to detach it and clean it.

Reviews of gardeners about drip irrigation Beetle

Opinions about drip irrigation Beetle vary greatly from gardeners.

  • Anton Sklyar: “Last year I bought a drip irrigation Beetle, I ordered it on the website. I purchased it with a timer. Everything came quickly, as it turned out, the system could not be simpler, there were no difficulties with the assembly and it looks like a beetle. But it didn’t go without problems. a week of use broke the timer. I called the service, promised to send a replacement, but she didn’t come. I called a few more times, but they just didn’t pick up the phone. As a result, I bought a timer on the market and just connected it to the Beetle. but the quality of service is total disappointment. "
  • Antonina Bubleinik: "I use drip irrigation of a beetle from a capacity of 60 plants. The system is very simple, easy to use, works well and is in some ways even better than other options, like Vodomerka. It is installed in a greenhouse, it works without failures. Next year I will buy a set for extensions, to continue to run through the site. It has not yet found any breaks in the tubes, watering is carried out quickly, but when connecting the parts, man's strength was needed because some hoses did not want to join the drippers. "
  • Yuri Arnautov: “By itself, as a system, drip watering the Beetle is a very good thing, convenient, practical, and it’s not a problem to assemble and disassemble, it performs its task. The problem is rather in those who sell it. There were not 2 thin hoses in my kit , so that I received only 30 from the system for 30 plants. The same problem arose with my acquaintances. So it’s best to buy drip watering the Beetle not on the Internet, but in stores or on the market, at least you can check it, everything is included or not".