Grape Variety Sensation


Variety Sensation obtained by Russian breeders in 2016 by mixing varieties Rizamat and Talisman. Grape Sensation is the dining room. He has an early ripening period. Suitable for industrial cultivation and for cultivation in private areas.

Variety Description Sensation

Grape Sensation develops very nicely. The bush is a vigorous, the vine for a season matures by 2/3 of its length. The young vine has a yellowish or reddish color, and the adult - light brown. The root system penetrates 40-100 cm deep into the earth. The leaves are bright green in color, alternate, with jagged edges. From the back side there are grooves on the leaflets, and from the front they are smooth. Flowers are small, bisexual, which greatly simplifies cultivation. The optimum load on the shrub - 30-35 eyes. Trimming is done on 8-10 eyes.

The clusters are large, usually weighing about 700-1500 g, cylindrical or conical in shape.

The clusters are large, weighing about 700-1500 grams, cylindrical or conical. The density is quite loose. The berries are large, 16-35 g each, in the shape of an elongated oval. The skin is thick, but you can eat it. The color of the skin is yellow-pink, but reddish after full maturity. The flesh is fleshy, with a high content of juice. The taste is balanced, pleasant, Muscat flavor.

Interesting! Variety Sensation refers to the early, table species. It quickly enters fruiting, has a universal purpose and has a pleasant, sweet taste.

Characteristics of grapes Sensation

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Sensation grapes have many positive aspects, but there are also disadvantages. All these qualities are presented in the characteristic.

  • The variety is early, self-pollinating, so it can produce a crop without pollinators.
  • The cuttings of the plant take root very quickly. Survival rate reaches 82%.
  • Grapes Sensation is not a pea.
  • High immunity to diseases such as gray mold, mildew, powdery mildew.
  • Grapes tolerate temperature extremes, climate change.

    Berries large, on 16-35 g, in the form of the extended oval

  • Often suffers from the invasion of wasps who love sugary berries. If you do not fight them and do not protect the bunch, by the time of harvest, the harvest will be in poor condition.
  • Grapes Sensation withstands temperatures up to -24 degrees Celsius.
  • The yield is regular and high, up to 70 kg / bush per year. However, it is worth noting that the more clusters on the bush, the less pronounced the taste of the variety. So it is better to normalize the amount of the crop. Let the clusters be a little smaller, but the taste will not suffer.
  • Harvest well stored, has a presentation.
  • Transportability of clusters is good, you can transport them even over long distances.
  • Taste is saturated, without astringency.
Interesting! Berries of grapes Sensation do not crack on the branches, even with high humidity.

Features of planting varieties

The grapes are propagated by sensation by cuttings or purchased saplings (young bushes). Cuttings and shrubs Sensation rooted easily, so problems with breeding varieties usually do not arise.

Planting grapes of this variety is recommended in April or early May

Planting grapes of this variety is recommended in April or early May, but before that you need to choose the right plot. It should be well heated by the sun, be light, not blown by drafts. The pits for seedlings, if there are several of them, are placed at a distance of 70 cm from each other, the aisle distance is made at a distance of 70-150 cm. The depth of the pits is 60-70 cm, organic, mineral fertilizers mixed with garden soil.

Interesting! In order for the root system of young saplings to develop not only deep into the ground, but also on the sides, it is necessary to pinch the main root when planting.

Approximately 2 weeks after the holes have been dug, the planting is carried out. The day before, the roots of seedlings are shortened and treated with special means ("Rooter", "Kornevin"). For planting, the plant is placed in a hole and sprinkled with earth. It should be placed strictly vertically, not tilted. When the roots of a seedling are covered with earth, it is watered and mulched.

Grape Care Sensation

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In terms of care for grapes Sensation, problems usually do not arise. Mostly required to comply with the standard rules.

Fertilizing make regularly

  • The introduction of water is necessary in such quantity that the earth does not dry out. At the same time, it should not be swampy.
  • After watering, it is necessary to loosen the root zone.
  • Fertilizing make regularly. Organic materials (humus, wood ash, dung), minerals (superphosphate, potassium sulfate, urea) or specialized fertilizers like “Argumin”, “Bona Forte”, “AVA” can be used for this purpose.
  • It is recommended to grow Sensation grapes on a trellis or with the help of supports. It is worth installing them immediately after planting, because the bush develops quickly.
  • Do not load the grapes. Up to 45 bunches are allowed on one vine, the rest should be removed.
  • If signs of disease are visible, it is necessary to use the fungicide "Hom", "Kuproksat" or similar for processing. And for prevention, you can use a solution of Bordeaux liquids in early spring and late autumn.
  • Pest grapes Sensation can be affected, like any other vineyard. So it is necessary to treat it in time with insecticide "Rescuer", "Bi-58 New", "Dnok".

    Each bunch should be closed with a protective net, otherwise the berries can damage birds or wasps.

  • During the ripening of the crop, it is necessary to put each bunch in a protective net, otherwise the berries can damage birds or wasps.
  • In winter, the bushes mulch in the root zone with peat or humus, but so that the mulch does not touch the vine. The ground part of the adult vineyard can not be covered, but it is advisable to cover the young bush with agrofiber or other insulating material.

Harvesting and processing

For 110-115 days of the growing season, you can harvest from the vine. Grapes can damage wasps or birds, so it is not worth delaying the collection time. Once the grapes have ripened, it is advisable to remove them immediately.

Interesting! After harvesting, the berries of this grape can be stored for a long time on the bush and do not spoil, however, they suffer very much from the invasion of wasps, so it is not recommended to keep them on the bush!

Once the grapes have ripened, it is advisable to remove them immediately.

Harvest can be put up for processing (juice, jam, desserts, pastries) or used fresh. The variety is table, so it is pleasant not only for adults, but also for children. Homemade wine can also be made from it, it will have a pleasant taste and aroma.

Reviews on variety grapes Sensation

Among gardeners there are supporters and opponents of the grape variety Sensation.

  • Sofia Lozova: “I bought Sensation seedlings in a store a few years ago. They got acclimatized quickly, the first harvest was given early. In terms of taste, the quality of clusters there are no complaints - the grapes are very beautiful, sweet. But if you don’t cover them for the winter, you can freeze. bush, which decided to experiment to leave uncovered for the winter. As expected, in the spring it became obvious that he will no longer give young leaves. Now, before winter, be sure to mulch the bushes and harbor the vine. "
  • Dmitry Agapov: “The Sensation variety is not bad, but it’s a young kind of grape, it’s not known what to expect from it. It seems ideal to many, but it’s bad for winters and wasps are severely affected. As for me, these are significant drawbacks, especially when grown in the middle lane. My shrub at first I was pleased, but after an unsuccessful struggle with the wasps this summer, I was already beginning to doubt him. "
  • Maxim Erofeev: “I planted a sensation as soon as I heard about this new kind of grape. I can’t say that it has no competitors, there are more worthy, already proven varieties, hybrids, but the grapes are good and even very good. recycling will do, but it's better for food. I only advise you to ration grapes on the vine, if there are a lot of them, maturation will be delayed and the taste will suffer. In general, I can recommend. "