Grape Variety Raisin


Grapes Zest like gardeners for the attractive look of clusters and the taste of berries. It is profitable to sell it, however, in order for the clusters to be of commercial quality, it is necessary to put a lot of effort into it. The variety is not easy to grow and requires maximum attention of the gardener. Characteristics of grapes Zest and features of its cultivation are presented in this article.

Description varieties Zest

Zest - table grapes. Crop ripening is observed on average in 3-3.5 months. Already by the beginning of August you can get ripe bunches. The bush is vigorous, well pollinated. Vine for the year matures well. Flowers are female type. The leaves are quite large, but with a shortage of trace elements in the soil, they can become shallow.

The pulp is fleshy, dense, juicy

Clusters in the form of a cone, an average of 500 g, but can grow more. The berries are large, about 10-12 g, elongated. Skin color is dark pink, when fully matured - dark red. The flesh is fleshy, dense, juicy. The skin can be eaten. It contains few acids (4-5 g / dm. Cub.), But a lot of sugar (16-18%). Taste without frills, simple, grape, but pleasant. There are bones, but not many.

Interesting! Variety zest zoned in Ukraine, Moldova and southern Russia.

Characteristics of grapes Raisins

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The positive and negative sides of the grape Zest are presented in its characteristics.

  • After planting the bushes give the first harvest for 2-3 years already.
  • After the ripening of the bunch, it is possible not to tear it off for some time, they do not deteriorate on the bush, but if the berries are over-exposed, they begin to dry out, becoming raisins.
  • Berries tolerate autumn frosts.
  • There is resistance to pea.
  • With high humidity berries do not crack, keep their shape, the taste does not spoil.

    Immunity is weak, the plant is primarily susceptible to fungal diseases.

  • Immunity is weak, the plant is primarily susceptible to fungal diseases.
  • There is resistance to frost down to -22 degrees.
  • The harvest every year becomes more and more. If in the first 2-3 years about 2-5 kg ​​of grapes are harvested from a bush, then the crop rises to 10-20 kg / bush, but maybe more, it all depends on pruning and care.

Landing features

Grape zest refers to the thermophilic species. It is grown either in greenhouses or in southern regions, where winters are not very cold. To the ground, the variety is demanding. It should be moderately loose, fertile, so that the timely application of fertilizer is very important.

Planting is carried out in the pit (for young bushes) or in trenches (for cuttings). You can plant grapes Raisin in spring or autumn. Land for planting is taken fertilized (you need to make a little superphosphate and humus), loose. To seedlings well and quickly got accustomed, it is worth treating the roots before planting with a tool like "Kornevina", "The Rooter" or similar means.

Grape Raisin needs pollinators

After planting, it is necessary to pour plenty of soil and leave the seedlings for about a week so that the rooting is successful. At this time, it is possible to carry out only watering and loosening the soil.

Important! Grapes Zest needs pollinators. Next to it, on the plot, some other grape variety should grow, preferably also early, so that their flowering should occur at the same time.

Grape care Raisin

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Winegrowers argue that without proper care for the Grape Zest, it is impossible to get a large, and even more so, a quality crop is impossible. So, what kind of care does this variety require?

  • Watering should be carried out in such a way that the ground at the bushes does not dry out completely and certainly not crack!
  • After watering or rain, when the water is absorbed into the ground (there will be no puddles), it is worthwhile to loosen the ground under the bushes. This is done to increase aeration.
  • So that the earth is less likely to dry up, the water does not evaporate much, you can spend the mulching with straw.
  • Top dressing bring several times a year. To do this, use highly specialized funds or some kind of complex. Well grapes respond to "Argumin", "Mortar", "Aquarine." From organic can advise compost, wood ash, droppings and humus.

    Grapes Zest responds well to "Argumin", "Mortar", "Akvarin"

  • Trimming is carried out once a year or more. The load on the bush should be about 40-45 eyes - it is important to control this moment. The length of pruning fruit - 10-12 buds.
Important! In the first year after planting, grapes Raisin not pruned. If you carry out this procedure, the bush usually quickly starts growing, slowing the development of the root system.
  • From pests and diseases it is necessary to do the treatment with special preparations. Drugs help such drugs as "Abiga-pik", "Oksihom", "Strobe", "Hom", "Mikal". From pests using drugs "Kinmiks", "Fury", "Karbofos", "Sumi-Alpha" and others.
  • If the leaves on the bush have become yellow for no reason, you can treat the bushes with iron chelate.
  • In order for the berries not to spoil the birds, wasps, it is necessary to put the clusters in a special net for protection.
  • For the winter, the Zest grapes need to be covered, because it does not tolerate severe frosts and can already freeze over -22 degrees.

Gardeners reviews about grapes variety Raisin

Opinion gardeners and gardeners that have already grown grapes Raisin, can be read below.

  • Marina Ozerova: "I love pink grapes very much, especially varieties with large, sweet berries. Grapes Zest won their long berries, long shelf life. We grow two shrubs on the site, so far. The variety requires a lot of attention, often wasps are affected, but the harvest is worth the time spent ".
  • Valery Zhuravel: "Raised Raisin for more than 7 years. The variety is good, but it is too capricious in cultivation, this place is not that, then there is little fertilizer, it may react poorly to pruning. In general, yes, they quickly buy it on the market, but to grow commercial clusters quantity, you need a lot of effort and money to invest. As for me the variety is unprofitable - there are more profitable types. Therefore, I decided to replace it with several other varieties. "
  • Anna Rusik: “In terms of the quality of the berries, the raisin has no equal. The taste is without features, but very pronounced and harmonious. And moreover, this grape, although considered to be heat-loving, it tolerates frost well, in any case, the temperature of -25 degrees was transferred problems. And yet, it requires painstaking care. Especially a lot of difficulties cause mildew, oidium, with which this grape is sick often. So you have to carry out treatments very often, and also fertilize in time, hide grapes from wasps, birds, and don't forget about the standard pleasing care (watering, pruning, tilling the soil, mulching, etc. d.).