Grapes Arcadia


Grapes Arkady among the five most popular in terms of consumption varieties. It is incredibly tasty, so that the market prices are always inflated compared to other varieties. Growing such grapes is associated with a number of negative aspects, but the result is worth the effort.

Description Arcadia variety and characteristics

They received the Arkady grape variety at the Odessa Institute by crossing Moldova and Cardinal grapes. From them, Arkady received all the best qualities: resistance to climate change and high quality berries. Nowadays, the variety is grown by large plantations in the Crimea, in Lviv and Zaporizhia regions. It is often also grown in Europe.

Description varieties Arcadia

Growing the vine of such a plant very quickly, with 50-70% of the shoots are fruitful. The leaves are large, dark green, divided into 5 lobes. Early variety - from the appearance of the ovaries to the ripening of berries lasts 105-115 days, self-pollinating, can serve as a pollinator for grapes Laura, Talisman, Kesha and some others.

Bunches of grapes of a grade of Arkady weigh from 0,5 to 2,5 kg, average density. They have good product quality even after long transportation to the place of sale. The berries are large, elongated shape, heart-shaped. The average size of 2.4 x 2.7 cm, weight - 11 grams. The color of ripe berries is amber or honey, on a dense skin there may be a slight wax coating.

Taste is table, sweet, juicy, there are nutmeg notes. Acidity is low (6 g / l), the sugar content is within 14-16%.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the variety?

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Advantages and disadvantages of the Arcadia variety

Given the early development of grapes Arkady, in the markets it appears very early. The yield of one bush can reach 20 kg of fruit, and in record years, the figure rises to 50 kg! It is characterized by resistance to insignificant drought, withstands frosts down to -20, and with shelter up to -26 degrees Celsius.

Transportability, high fructification (1.5), harmonious ripening of berries, excellent taste, aroma, decorative qualities - all this makes Arkady grapes one of the most desired for everyone who loves grapes.

Advantages and disadvantages of Arcadia 1

However, although Arkady's grapes have many qualities, there are also a lot of flaws in it.

  • cold wind, as well as a strong drought can not stand;
  • needs an abundance of light and solar heat (in the middle and northern regions it is almost impossible to grow it);
  • possible pea in the most fruitful years;
  • when oversleeping and humidity drops, the berries crack;
  • picky in terms of care;
  • unstable to gray rot and oidium.

How to plant grapes?

How to plant grapes

Arkady grapes are planted in a well-lit area with fertilized soil. The planting period usually falls in the spring, yet in the fall there is a great chance that the cuttings will not survive their first frosty winter. When planting in the spring, the cuttings have a whole season to settle down and take root.

For planting, planting material - cuttings is bought or prepared in advance. Seedlings must be strong, not damaged, not dry, the cross section is always exactly the light green color! The root system (if any) should be white. Before planting, seedlings are placed in water for 24 hours. In order to make the root take root faster, it can be treated with a solution of “Humate”. To do this, 10 drops dissolved in a liter of water.

To plant the cuttings of grapes varieties Arcadia preparing fossa. Depth it should be 2 times greater than the length of the roots of the cutting. Humus is poured onto the bottom with earth, then simple earth is poured from above, a sapling is placed on it and gradually, it is sprinkled on all sides with earth. It is very important to install a support next to the seedling in order to tie it to it. Now it remains to water the land and mulch.

How to care for Arcadia?

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The grapes of this variety are always happy gardeners high yields, but also requires abundant attention. Care is difficult, but only so you can get the desired berries.

  • Abundant watering is required only before flowering, then it is reduced.
  • Top dressing of grapes of a grade of Arkady is carried out several times a year with phosphorus-potassium and nitrogenous substances. It is very important to respect the dosage!
  • Trimming is a mandatory annual process. You can even hold it 2 times a year - in the fall and spring. This is done because of the rapid growth of the vine - only by controlling its branching can you get good grapes.
  • Preventive spraying against diseases and pests is carried out 2 times a year (but not during flowering or development of the brush).

How to deal with diseases and pests of grapes?

The grapes of Arkady are resistant to mildew, but other diseases require close attention from farmers. In order to prevent the development of such problems, it is worth occasionally spraying the plant with a 3% solution of ferrous sulfate, nitrafen or Bordeaux mixture, mullein solution, potassium permanganate, sulfur.

Arkady grapes are resistant to mildew, but other diseases require close attention.

As for pests, they very often "occupy" the plant. On the grapes, you can see the mining mole, wasps, flea beetles, weevils, goldfish, leafworms, phylloxera, ticks. But besides insects, rodents gladly feed on rodents, and birdies on berries.

In order to cope with insects use insecticides of a wide or narrow spectrum. In the latter case, it is necessary to carefully select the drug so that it copes with the very pest who lives on the grapes, and not some other. From ticks on grapes Arkady will help acaricides.

Birds and rodents will not leave the site so easily. From birds, you can use cats, peregrine falcons, scarecrows, or just cover the bushes with a metal grid. From the rodents will help the same cat, bait or repeller. Only a repeller should acquire a good one, since the simplest models rarely do their job 100%.