Pepper Swallow


In the 70s of the last century in the USSR a new variety of sweet pepper was bred, having many positive qualities. Pepper Swallow is known for its pleasant, sweet taste, versatility, as well as resistance to certain diseases. This material is devoted to the description of the variety Swallow, the characteristics of its cultivation, processing.

Description varieties Swallow

Pepper Swallow is an early ripe variety, it takes 100-130 days to fully ripen the fruit, depending on the place of cultivation and the method of planting (seeds, seedlings). Fruits not long - within 1-2 weeks. The bush is small, grows compactly up to 45-60 cm in height. The yield per square meter of 3.5-4.7 kg, if you grow peppers in open ground. When planting in greenhouses, the number increases to 7-10 kg / m. sq.

Description varieties Swallow

The fruits of the pepper varieties Swallow are shaped like a cone, the tip is pointed like a wing of a swallow. The weight of one pepper can reach 100 g, but more often 70-85 g, and an average length is up to 10 cm. The skin is glossy. The color of the peel in the technical ripeness phase is light green, but then turns red. May be saturated or light shade depending on the duration of ripening. Pepper fruits are fleshy, the wall thickness reaches 5-5.5 mm, some specimens have walls with a thickness of 6.1-7.1 mm.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pepper Swallow?

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After the appearance of the variety, only positive feedback could be heard about it. Below is a list of the merits of the form.

  • Quickly adapts to different climatic conditions. Pepper Varieties Swallow resistant to heat, cold, temperature extremes.
  • The precocity of the variety Swallow allows you to harvest early. For full maturity, an average of 100 days is needed.
  • Bushes grow to 0.5 meters, so do not need a serious, painstaking garter, and this simplifies maintenance.

    The density of the wall allows you to transport the crop over long distances without difficulty.

  • The density of the wall allows you to easily transport the crop over long distances.
  • Not afraid of bacterial diseases.

Now about the shortcomings of pepper varieties Swallow. Although the variety lovers note its practicality and ease of use, but there are a number of negative points that stop a considerable proportion of gardeners from cultivating Swallow pepper.

  • Big competition. Yes, the variety is really good, but today there are masses of hybrid varietal types of sweet pepper that give great yields, massive, tasty fruits - “Atlant F1”, “Bogatyr”, “Isabella F1”, “Apricot favorite”, etc. Thus, high competition pushed the grade to the middle position.
  • Planting seeds should be carried out 3-4 cm deep into the ground. The root system of this variety is superficial, and when transplanting to a permanent place, the root collar cannot be buried. If you plant the seeds shallowly, the plant will be frail, and weeding will be difficult to implement.
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Do I need to make seedlings?

Pepper is planted. Swallow in open ground or in the greenhouse usually seedlings. Planting seeds is possible only in the southernmost regions, but even so, the culture will grow longer than when grown by the seedling method.

Seedlings are prepared from the end of February. It should be strong, hardened, have 4-5 leaves before transplanting to a permanent place.

For the preparation of seedlings of pepper Swallow suitable seeds purchased in the store or collected personally. Before planting, they are soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate or ash in order to disinfect and saturate them with useful substances. It is worth planting seeds immediately in peat or any other pots, so as not to swoop down fragile shoots and not risk them with weak roots, but in principle you can sow them first in one common box.

Seedlings are prepared from the end of February. It should be strong, hardened, have 4-5 leaves before transplanting to a permanent place.

After the emergence of sprouts it is necessary to provide them with proper care. To do this, it is necessary to regularly water the plants, inspect, so that if anything, in time to notice signs of disease or pests. Pepper picks are performed during the phase of the cotyledons. After diving sprouts in separate pots, the ground in each of them should be loosened after each watering. To do this, you can use an old fork, a pencil - any small and not very sharp object.

1-2 weeks before planting, it is necessary to harden the sprouts, taking them out from time to time outside or simply opening the window.

How to grow pepper Swallow?

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Pepper grown variety Swallow in greenhouse conditions and in the open field. But, of course, the greatest harvests are harvested in greenhouses, although growing in open ground is easier. In the open ground they plant seedlings from the end of May, in a greenhouse, especially if it is heated, you can plant sprouts from mid-April, but only on condition that they are strong enough!

Grow pepper varieties Swallow in the greenhouse and in the open field

Before planting, the land should be fertilized if it is of poor quality. If you do not have time to fertilize the soil, you can simply pour the fertilizer mixture into each well (1-2 tablespoons of nitrophoska or 1/3 of the ash and a half of the humus spade). Pepper planting scheme Swallow - 40x60 cm. After planting, sprouts must be watered and left to rooting. Most recently, we have described in detail - how to feed seedlings of pepper after picking.

Care means timely watering and subsequent loosening of the soil, treatment of the bushes from diseases, pests (if there are none, you can carry out preventive treatment with complex drugs Zaslon, Barrier, Fundazol, Strela, Alatar, etc.) . Also during the season it is worth up to 3 times to feed the pepper with organic and mineral fertilizers.

Tips experienced gardeners

To simplify the care of pepper varieties Swallow and storage of the crop, you can use simple tips.

  • For the bushes to develop faster and produce fruits, they need to be formed. To do this, as you grow, all side shoots and leaves are removed before the first fork.
  • Pepper can be stored in the refrigerator, without processing up to 15-30 days. For longer storage, it is frozen.
  • If the land is nutritious and there are no pests or diseases, you can simply sprinkle the earth around the pepper with ashes throughout the season. It is not only a natural fertilizer, but also has a preventive effect against infections, bacteria, fungal spores, and harmful insects.

Pepper Swallow can be used fresh, for the preparation of salads, snacks or processed. You can cook different dishes from it, stuff it, bake it, fry it, cook it, etc. Cookers from different countries also recommend it to be canned.