Tomato Variety Golden Heart


Tomatoes with yellow fruits are in great demand, but not all varieties meet the high standards of experienced gardeners. Tomato Golden Heart is a well-known yellow fruit variety, characterized by high quality characteristics. He entered the state register of Russia in 2001. The plant has a decorative appearance and excellent fruit taste. A detailed description of the tomato Golden Heart and features of their cultivation are presented in this article.

Description of a grade of a tomato Gold heart

Fruit weight 110-140 g, fleshy flesh

Grade Golden Heart - ultrafast. The first tomatoes can be harvested after 80-85 days after germination. Bushes of determinant type, compact, do not occupy much space on the site. Grow 35-45 cm high. The first brush is noticeable after 2 leaves, sometimes after the first. It is a simple type with 6 fruits on average. The leaves are small, green color.

Interesting! Yellow tomatoes are useful for children and adults with weakened immune systems. They do not cause allergies, so they are often used in the diet.

Tomatoes heart-shaped, hence the name. There is a slight ribbing. The color of the rind is golden-orange, but until full maturity a green speck remains in the area of ​​the stem. The skin is smooth. The weight of fruits is 110-140 g. The flesh is fleshy, but there is a lot of juice in it, there are 4 chambers with seeds. The taste is sweet, rich, with a pronounced, tomato flavor.

Bushes of determinant type, compact, do not occupy much space on the site

Characteristics of the Golden Heart Tomato

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Characteristics of high grade. Gardeners note that the Golden Heart has a lot of positive qualities in tomato.

  • Early ripening.
  • There is a high resistance to many diseases and attacks of pests.
  • Tomatoes are medium in size, wholesome and very tasty.
  • Productivity from square meter to 8 kg.
  • Harvest suitable for long shipments.
  • Tomato Golden Heart has marketable qualities. The fruits on the market stalls do not stale for a long time, they are always in high demand.

    Tomato Golden Heart possesses excellent commercial qualities

  • The fruits of universal use.

Features of planting tomatoes

Grow tomatoes of this variety in the open field. Most often, the culture is grown through seedlings. They start cooking it from the end of March or from the beginning of April. For growing seedlings are taken containers with fertile soil. Close up the seeds to a depth of 1-2 cm. In the phase of 2 leaves it is necessary to dive sprouts in separate cups. And when the seedlings turn 55-70 days, it will be possible to plant it in open ground, in a permanent place.

Interesting! If the seeds are not treated with anything and have a normal color, it is recommended to soak them before sowing and treat them with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. And so that they sprout faster, a little Epin's stimulant is added to the water.

Most often, tomatoes are heart grown golden seedlings

For planting you need to pick up a sunny plot, with light ground, without stagnant water. Land should be fertilized. To do this, you can use complex mineral fertilizers, humus, compost. Shrubs are planted in holes, at an average distance of 45 cm from each other, and a distance of 65 cm is observed between the rows.

Planting care

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The yield of tomato varieties Golden Heart is largely dependent on care. The less attention is paid to plantings, the less will be the fruits. And the quality of the crop, the type of tomato, their taste may not be the best.

Planting Tomatoes Golden Heart Seed

  • Tomato Golden Heart needs regular soil moistening. The land should not dry out. At the same time, high humidity can be harmful to tomatoes and can provoke the development of fungal diseases or root rot. Usually 1-2 irrigations are enough per week, depending on the climate. Water is used only warm.
  • Weeding and loosening the soil are carried out as often as possible so that the earth is not taken up by a dense crust. During weeding, you must also remove all weeds from the root.
  • Top dressing is required throughout the season. After transplanting seedlings into the ground, after 2 weeks, the seedlings are fed with urea (1 tbsp. L. Of urea per bucket of water). Each bush consumes a liter of fertilizer. During flowering, sprinkle the beds with wood ash and mix it with the ground. When the third hand blossoms, humate potassium is added to the ground (1 tablespoon per bucket of water). As the fruits ripen, planting should be sprayed with a solution of superphosphate to maintain the strength of the plants (1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water).

Formation of a bush determined by tomato

Important! Basically, these tomatoes need elements like potassium and phosphorus. Nitrogen is needed exclusively at the initial stage of growing, so that the bushes will increase the green mass.
  • It is necessary to sow the golden heart tomatoes, otherwise the yield will decrease.
  • Garter is optional, but desirable. Bushes grow small, but because of the abundance of fruits, they can bend to the ground, fall and even break. But if you tie them up, it will be much easier for the bushes to cope with the weight of the fruiting twigs.
  • Bushes do not suffer from fusarium, late blight and verticillis. However, in bad weather and poor quality care, they can still hurt. To prevent this, it is necessary to use a complex fungicide like "Fitosporin" for spring preventive treatment. If the plant is sick a month before harvesting, treatment for diseases is carried out only by folk remedies (soap solution, serum, infusion of garlic or tobacco).

    From pests should carry out preventive treatment

  • Pests are also worth prophylactic treatment. Usually it is made at the beginning of the growing season, when the plants have been growing in a permanent place for more than 2 weeks. Complex insecticides are used ("Aktellik", "Karate", "Confidor" and the like). Good for pests simply dusting the bushes with wood ash.

Harvesting and processing

Harvesting is carried out as the fruit ripens. Tomatoes ripen usually gradually, and not at once. After harvesting, they will not lie well, but to keep them as long as possible, it is worth putting the collected tomatoes in the refrigerator. However, it is recommended that they be immediately recycled.

Important! The fruits of the Golden Heart variety contain a lot of carotene.

Tomatoes Golden Heart can be used fresh for preparing summer salads, appetizers or for processing. Tomatoes are very tasty in salting, pickle. These tomatoes are suitable for cooking baby food.

Golden Heart Tomatoes can be used fresh to make summer salads and snacks.

Reviews of a variety of Tomato Golden Heart

Tomato Golden Heart is known to many gardeners, and what opinion they have about this variety can be found in the reviews below.

  • Alena Voronova: "I love this variety for a very pleasant taste. The flesh is juicy, sweet and tender, without hard veins and the skin is easily eaten, you do not need to peel it. The variety has high yields, with the right care of fruits it is formed a lot, and they ripen gradually" .
  • Maxim Boykov: “This universal variety was tried for the first time two years ago. Since then, he is a regular at my site. I use the harvest for preservation and for food. The variety is excellent in salads. And since there is a lot of juice in the pulp, I often make tomato juice from the fruit , borscht dressings. The fruits are good in conservation, but can break up in a can, so more often than not, I make canned snacks in pieces. "
  • Valery Stepanov: “I’ve been looking for a good variety of tomatoes with yellow fruits for a long time. Golden heart is a real discovery. The fruits are beautiful, medium size, very tasty! At the same time the crop ripens early and it is high. In general, the variety is very good and perfect for preservation. look nice in jars, especially if you make assorted bread with them. "