How to grow zucchini


Grow zucchini is very easy. They can grow without problems in simple soil, even without fertilizers, while they are planted in open ground and in greenhouses. But how to achieve a big harvest? This is more complicated - it is important and care, and landing. So, how to grow zucchini in the open ground can be found below in the article.

How to grow zucchini from seed?

Preparing the soil for planting zucchini

Before growing the zucchini seeds germinated in wet gauze. This requires no more than 3 days if the seeds are good. It is necessary to plant seeds only after all the frosts have passed - the beginning or the middle of May. Squashes grow best on the site of peas, potatoes or tomatoes, and that is where they should be planted.

The plot for zucchini is prepared in the autumn, it is dug up, fertilized with any organic or mineral fertilizers. In the spring, the area is loosened, wells are made with a depth of 2-3 cm and are watered. 2-3 seeds are laid out in them. The distance between the holes make in 40 cm. To sprouts faster sprouted, you can cover them with a plastic bottle on top.

How to grow zucchini from seedlings?

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Growing squash from seeds and seedlings

Growing seedlings suitable for any kind of zucchini. Apply this method in order to bring the appearance of the crop for 2-3 weeks.

For seedlings, it is best to use peat cups in order not to damage the roots of the germ when planting in the ground. Seeds are not soaked, but simply selected quality material, for this they are poured into the water. All seeds that have settled to the bottom can be used in planting. After that, the seeds are put in cups and covered with foil so that they quickly germinate.

When the shoots appear, the film can be removed, and the pots can be put in a warm place (+15 degrees or more), where there is a lot of light. Watering seedlings rarely, so as not to overwet the soil - zucchini do not like it.

Planting in the soil is carried out only when there is no threat of night frost. Before the zucchini is planted, the land is prepared for planting. It is best to do this in the fall. For this, they dig it up, fertilize it. In the spring they loosen the ground and plant seedlings at a distance of 40 cm from each other. To do this, in the excavated hole you need to dive the plant along with the pot, having previously torn off the bottom of it. Then a pot with a sprout is added dropwise.

What conditions are necessary zucchini?

Feeding zucchini

Care for squash is not difficult, but the basics should be done, otherwise the harvest will be poor.

  • At the initial stage, special attention is paid to weeds. There should be a minimum of them, since they take all the nutrients from the soil and nothing remains for the plant. This leads to slower growth.
  • From time to time the soil loosens.
  • You can do top dressing, but not much - 1-2 for a period of growth. To do this, it is best to use nitrophoska or mullein (1 liter jar) diluted in a bucket of water.
  • Watering regular, but not frequent.

What can zucchini hurt?

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Diseases and pests zucchini

Knowing how to grow zucchini in the open field you can get a big harvest, but do not let things take their course, plant growth should be strictly controlled.

Sometimes the plant stops growing, does not bear fruit due to disease or pest damage. Of the diseases it is necessary to fear the following problems: flour dew, anthracnose, white mosaic, bacteriosis, white, gray, root rot, ascochytosis, fusarium. If any of these problems is noticed, the treatment should be started immediately: the diseased sheets and shoots are removed, the plant is treated with an appropriate remedy. If this does not work, then the germ is completely removed.

Of the pests frequent "guests" of the zucchini are melon aphid and spider mite. They can be fought with folk methods or any other, but you should not delay, because they quickly spread to neighboring cultures.

When to harvest and how to store harvest zucchini?

Storage zucchini

Zucchini harvesting is carried out regularly - at least 2 times a week, as overripe zucchini loses its taste. The most tasty fruits have a length of 15-20 m. If it is necessary to store a vegetable for a long time, then it is important to wait for its full ripening. Such a zucchini should have a thick rind and when you knock on it you should hear a dull sound.

Cut the fruit with a sharp knife - do not break off. This leaves a small tail on the fruit of 5 cm. You can store in the basement, the refrigerator. You can also recycle them for the winter: freeze or preserve. Before being sent to storage, they are not washed, but simply wiped to be dry. If the zucchini frosts freeze, then, of course, they are well washed out before that and after that they are cut, dried and put in the freezer.