When to plant squash


Zucchini - favorite and healthy vegetable. Growing it is not difficult, but it is important to choose the right planting time so as not to lose the crop. Terms of landing zucchini may vary significantly. They depend on various factors - variety, climate, type of planting, and so on. So, when to plant squash in open ground?

How to choose seeds?

All varieties of zucchini are divided into three large groups of aging time. The type of seed, or rather the variety, depends on the time of their planting - this is the first thing you need to pay attention to.

  • Early ripening varieties (Aeronaut, Iskander F1, Chaklun, Aliya F1, Tsukesh) mature on average 45 days. Recommended for planting in the northern regions, where a very short summer.
  • Mid-season species (Zolotinka, Kuand, Gribovskie 37) ripen in 50-60 days.
  • Late-ripening ripen from 60 days or longer. These include Zucchini, Nut, Spaghetti Raviolo, Calabash Lagenaria, Tivoli F1.

    Zucchini Seeds

Depending on the selected seeds, in order to get a crop in July or August, they are planted in late spring - mid-May or early summer. The average air temperature should be at this time not lower than +15 degrees.

In addition, it is recommended, if possible, to purchase varieties for planting in open ground. These are special species that can withstand lower temperatures, slight winds. They quickly take root and give a good harvest. Among them, the best have proven themselves: Aeronaut, White Bush, Gribovsky, Waterfall, White, Odessa 52, Iskander F1, Negro, White ultra early, Rhonda. In this case, the time when you can plant squash in open ground is transferred to the beginning of May or even the end of April.

When planting seedlings?

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Sowing dry seeds into the soil

The timing depends not only on the variety, but also on the planting method. Seedlings zucchini do, starting in April. It will well rise on a balcony or a window sill, the main thing is to provide watering and heat. Planting zucchini seedlings in open ground is the fastest method of harvesting, but it is not available to everyone, and it is not always necessary if the vegetable garden is located in the southern regions.

Planting seedlings since the beginning of May. This is the period when frosts are unlikely, although the soil is not yet warmed up. Therefore, it is watered with boiling water to warm, covered with foil. And the next day you can plant. For enhanced growth in the first week, you can cover them with a film.

When are the seeds planted?

Planting zucchini seedlings

The time when you can plant zucchini in the open ground changes, if you plant seeds, and not seedlings. It is important to note that the zucchini is a heat-loving plant. In the middle bands you can only plant it when the belated frosts are over. If after sowing it snows and the temperature drops below zero for a week or two, the zucchini may not survive - the seeds simply do not take root.

In general, the time of sowing seeds in open ground varies from May 20 to June 15. This is the period when you need to closely monitor the weather. If the frosts are not foreseen - you can work, if it's cold - you should wait another week.

Previously, you can only sow the method "under the bottle." In mid-April, zucchini can be planted in open ground, but the spring winds can damage them. To prevent this from happening, a hole is made, a seed is planted there, and the top is covered with a plastic bottle. This method will protect the plant from wind and cold, and the earth will warm up faster. You can remove the bottle when the constant outside temperature reaches +20 degrees Celsius.

What experts advise?

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  • In the people there is how much will take, by which you can navigate when planting zucchini in open ground. So, if there are buds on an oak, there will be no more frost and you can plant a culture. The second sign says that you need to plant when raspberries bloom.
  • Planting zucchini need to growing moon. If you plant on decreasing, the plant will slowly develop.
  • Landing squash should be sunny. If you need a quick harvest - you need to worry about the heat, without which the culture will not survive. Shaded places, damp, in the lowlands - will not work.

    The method of planting seedlings zucchini under the film

  • If frosts unexpectedly surged up, a greenhouse can save seedlings or seeds. The method is extremely simple - a place with seedlings or seeds needs to be covered with a film, and on each side press it to the ground so as not to rise. If the ground is already cold, then a container with boiling water is placed under the film - it will warm up the “room” to the desired level. Later it can be removed.
  • In cold climates, it is recommended to properly equip the greenhouse and grow seedlings there. This will increase yields, shorten ripening time and simplify work.
  • If zucchini is a favorite vegetable of the family, you can plant several varieties of different yield periods on the plot. They will ripen in stages, so that during the warm period you will not have to buy vegetables.